Here you will find some common questions. If there's something you need to ask that you don't see please don't hesitate to email! I'm happy to try & answer anything!



Can I swim with my jewelry on?

Short answer, I don't suggest it for certain pieces. For pieces that have stones or for beaded jewelry, please refrain from getting pieces wet. Some stones are porous & soft & can change color if submerged in water time after time. Some beads have certain finishes on them that can deteriorate if exposed to harsh chemicals, like pool chlorine. 

If your piece doesn't have stones or beads (aka bangles, stacking rings, plain cuffs), then feel free to swim, shower, etc. in it.


What is a cuff bracelet?

A cuff bracelet is an open bracelet on one side allowing you to slip it on & off easily. They're slightly adjustable as well & can fit a wide variety of wrist sizes depending on how tight or loose you like to wear yours. Do refrain from putting it on, squeezing it shut, then pulling it open to take off. The metal can quickly be weakened by doing this & can & will break. 

How do I figure out my cuff size? 

Most cuffs are made as a "one size fits most", usually at 5.75 inches with a 1 inch opening give or take, meaning it will fit a wrist up to 6.75 inches. Again, it depends on how tight or loose you like to wear yours. 

To measure for a cuff...

Take a piece of string/floss & wrap around your wrist IN FRONT of the wrist bone as this is where cuffs are made to sit. Cuffs are not made to be worn halfway up the arm. If that's your style, I would suggest bangles in stead! Take that string & measure on a ruler in inches & it will let you know your wrist size & if you may need a smaller/larger cuff than offered. 

What is a bangle bracelet? 

A bangle bracelet is a closed, non-adjustable bracelet. It slips over the fingers & knuckles. 

How do I figure out my bangle size?

Bangle size is NOT reflective of your wrist size. Bangles MUST fit over your knuckles regardless of how small your wrist may be. 

If you're local I HIGHLY suggest making an appointment to stop by & get custom sized. Then you'll have a set of bangles that fit you perfectly! 

Another way to measure is if you already have a closed bangle at home that you love & fits you well. Take a tape measure on the INCHES side (NOT CM or MM side) & measure the bangle from the INSIDE left to the INSIDE right. Do not measure from outside to outside or you will not get a correct measurement. 

That number in inches will tell you what size bangle will fit circumference wise. The average size bangle that fits most is 2.6-2.7 inches. 

If neither of these options work for you please email me at amy.woveneast@gmail.com & I have another measuring option that isn't as accurate but helps get a close number! 

How do I find my ring size? 

I suggest 3 options for ring sizing....

1. Make an appointment to stop by & get custom sized.

2. Stop by a local jewelry store to be sized. 

3. Order a plastic ring sizer found here. It's just good to have one on hand!


Sorry, I do not do repair work on any jewelry not made by myself. I suggest contacting who you bought your original piece from to ask about repairs. 

For pieces I make, please contact me if there is an issue with your piece.   


Currently I do not offer custom work or commissions. Often my vision & your vision for a piece may differ & we not be on the same page. I focus on releasing collections of work throughout the year vs individual commission work in hopes of someone finding their perfect piece!


For stacking rings & bangles only (no stones), if something just does not fit right at all even if you think you measured correctly, you have 14 days from date of purchase to mail back (at your expense) & EXCHANGE ONLY for another size. 

Items must not be worn, bent, damaged, etc or no exchange will be given. 

Due to the custom nature of items refunds are not offered on any items. 


Shipping is currently set at a flat rate. If you're local you may opt to pick up your item(s) to avoid any shipping charges. You must select that when checking out. There should be 2 options listed...SHIP or PICKUP. Once purchased I do ask that all items be picked up by appointment only within 7 days. Unfortunately I am not able to meet to drop off items.