About Woven East

I create simple, everyday wear jewelry that can be layered, dressed up or down inspired by color, ingrained by nature! Each piece is slow crafted in small batches with intention & created for someone who loves adventure, craves the outdoors. Where the water of the sea flows through your veins, the salt of the earth moves throughout your body like the ever constant changing of the tide...alive & electric! 

I want my jewelry to remind you of the colors in a sunset on a warm, breezy summer night. Nights you never want to end. I want the colors to pop against your sun kissed skin. To remind you of the sun drenched days out on the open sound with marsh grass dancing all around, whispering for you to stay a little longer. To see the colors of the sea as it sparkles in the sunlight, the same way the metal sparkles against your skin. To be as loose & free as the sea oats that dance in the wind. I want it to ebb & flow against your skin like the tides, always refining you. 

You value wearing something unique, appreciate the flaws in metal, the maker's marks & the raw beauty Mother Nature has created from rocks! The perfectly imperfect beauty that is formed & forged from start to finish that started with an idea, a thought, a "what if" & is brought to life with simple tools & 2 hands. The idea is formed, the metal is shaped, the stones curated from my personal collection, all to create a one of a kind piece of art. 

I work with .925 sterling silver, .999 fine silver, 14k gold fill & 14k rose gold fill material. I source my stones from lapidary artists in the US, always supporting other small businesses when I can! Every stone in each piece created is selected by me with love & all metal is formed with intention. 

Unhindered movement, woven in the tides, adventurous spirit...this is Woven East.